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Death Mastery

Death Mastery

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Death Mastery is a 1-week meditation and writing camp designed to transform your fear of death so you can finally live life how you were meant to!

Who's This For?

This is for you if:
You want to transform your relationship with Death/Fear. 
You want to transform your spiritual life but feel stuck/directionless.
You want to meditate and sort out your life’s meaning, but have had boring/fruitless experiences with it. 
This might be for you if: 
You're in a spiritual or religious crossroads,
You're struggling with life purpose or identity,
or you've just hit a dead end and need the right time and space to sort out your life.
This is NOT for you if: 
You're just looking for a productivity hack,
or you're not ready to have an open mind, a little vulnerability, and do some inner work. If you're already healed, stop shopping for medicine. Go live life.
If you want to transform your relationship with fear, increase your spiritual fitness, and make Death your ally in life, you are in the right place!

What Is Death Mastery?

5-level self-transformation game. The object of Death Mastery game is to transform your fear of death so you can live life how you were meant to. Beating this game gives you an existential roadmap, with habits and tools for leveling up your spirit.

1. Boring-Proof Your Meditation Practice

Each level is 1:1 parts writing and meditation. Learn breathwork techniques and more powerful meditation technologies!

2. Write Your Way Out Of Your Life Problems

Play the game at your own pace or join live sessions with your fellowship. Write to clarify your life story!

3. Meet Other Spiritual Fitness Athletes 

Learn and train your spiritual fitness as you pass the levels. Make friends with other Deathletes!

Boring-Proof Your Meditation Practice

Most meditation can be pretty boring -- This isn't. Now you can meditate without feeling like, "am I doing this right?"

Tools to overcome Fear, Anxiety, and Depression

Use these energization techniques to change your emotional, mental, and physiological state any time. Even from zero willpower!

You'll leave with new practices and techniques for meditation with pranayama, kriya, and kundalini yoga exercises and meditations.

Write Like Death's Watching
Don't let Death catch you napping on your soul's goals! Leave with a clear set of self-defined guides to prevent future existential roadblocks.

Death knows what you're supposed to be doing here. Do you? This course helps you get very clear on what games you're here to play and the rules to those games.

The Right Time and Place To Sort Out Your Life

Do you pay attention to your mind? You need a time and place to pay attention to something because attention requires time. Each class in this course gives you a container for your safe subconscious examination. Self-analyzing is good, but not when it becomes a constant subconscious habit. This is where you sort it out for good.


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