Our Story

GodXP Self-Understanding is a spiritual growth company.

We believe we are individually responsible for our outcomes.

We believe honest, consistent pursuit of Self-Understanding provides conditions for perpetual spiritual enlightenment.

GodXP began as a podcast and clothing line in 2016 by Anthony Polanco; music artist, former missionary, and marketing consultant.

In the podcast, Anthony shared his lifetime of spiritual pursuits with raw, uncensored perspective.

In the clothing, contrasting spiritual philosophies were intersected. Over the course of four years, the community grew with continued research and exploration. Our clothes represent spiritual fitness, consciousness expansion, and a lifestyle of enlightenment for the individual seeker of Truth.

The GodXP platform is now a rich place for you to develop your Self-Understanding: An engaging community, interactive digital workshops, videos, reading materials, podcasts, plus conscious clothing and home goods.

We are here to save lives.

Our founder started GodXP after years of existential depression leading to suicide ideation.

We are here to help you with potentially fatal existential dilemmas: Why am I here? Is there no meaning? What is the meaning of life? Is there no God?

We believe in a practical approach to spiritual understanding.

We believe spiritual fitness is as practical as mental and physical fitness.

Our community is full of amazing people from all walks of life and spiritual beliefs who are overcoming default circumstances and manifesting a life full of physical, mental, spiritual, and economic vitality. 

GodXP has been a spiritual fitness movement since 2016. 


Founder Anthony Polanco

@antpstyle on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook