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Epigenetics – The Science of Human Empowerment

Identical twins originate from the same DNA, so how can they turn out to be so different? Even in traits that have a significant genetic component. For instance, why might one twin get a heart disease at the age of 50 while the other has sound health at the same age? Nature v Nurture has a lot to do with it but a deeper related answer can be found within something called Epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how DNA interacts with the multitude of smaller molecules found within cells which can activate and deactivate genes.

Genes and DNA are expressed when they are read and transcribed into RNA which is translated into proteins by structures called Ribosomes and proteins are much of what determines a cells characters and functions. DNA is the molecule that controls your life, programs you and it is that part of your inheritance that shapes and determines your future. However some scientists and scholars have argued that this is just a hypothesis and we can control their life and how they grow.

Instead of focusing on the genes, we consider how the signals controls human life. A part of signal transduction where the signals affect heredity is what is known as Epigenetics. It is the most important revolutionary discovery in biology tantamount to the finding of quantum physics as opposed to classical Newtonian physics. “EPI” means “above”, so when epigenetics entails control above the genes. There are proteins built into the membrane that helps you receive environmental signals, these are receptors like; eyes, nose, ear, skin etc. once these signals comes in they convert into a biological response and that is the function of another protein known as effector.

The fact is that gene does not control biology. WHAT IS A GENE? A gene is a physical blueprint to make a protein, this implies that there is no turn and off to a gene. Gene doesn’t control our life, gene doesn’t control our lives but they just set up life. The primal element of life are proteins. Your body/cells are made up of over 150,000 proteins, protein is a Latin word which means “primary article”. Proteins are building blocks that are unique because they can change their shape, when the protein responds to a signal from the environment, the protein undergoes the conformational change. For example, an environmental signal can utter the shape of these protein and cause them to move, the movement is used by the cell to work. Life comes from protein responding to environmental signals.


Environmental signals influence the proteins and the DNA in the chromosomes. Some environmental signals actually affect the readings of the DNA, this is done through a means known as methylation and it also affects the regulation of the protein. Two sets of chromosomes, some comes from the father and some from the father. Information from Epigenetics involves a process adding CH metal groups which generally silence the gene. Epigenetics has a significant effect on our lives and growth.


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Rinzai 72

Students ceaselessly take hold of names and phrases, and get obstructed by words like ‘worldly’ and ‘sacred’ which obscure the eye, and so they cannot see clearly. The Twelve Divisions of the Teachings are only surface explanations. But students, not realising this, take to these surface explanations of words and letters and deliver interpretations of them. All this is only supporting their dependence and, accordingly, they fall into cause and effect and so do not escape birth and death in the Three Worlds.



Take hold of names and phrases, and get obstructed by words like worldly and sacred’ means that we are deluded by words such as ‘worldly’ and ‘sacred’. ‘They cannot see clearly’ implies that we cannot see things as they are, or as empty. ‘The Twelve Divisions of the Teachings are only surface explanations’ represents that all doctrinal teachings are just words that explain the true-Self, not the true-Self itself. Being lost in the words themselves while losing sight of the true-Self is looking at the finger pointing to the moon instead of looking at the moon itself. This is like thinking of the boundary line of one’s land, which merely indicates the extent of the land, as being one’s land itself, whilst being ignorant of the fact that in reality it is the land inside the boundary that is one’s own. ‘All this is only supporting their dependence’ means that being deluded by words induces people to cling to and depend on the illusion of Buddha, or God.

Student: “How should we accept ‘The Twelve Divisions of the Teachings’?”

Master: “Don’t be deluded by the words of them.”


©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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Racism is anti-spiritual

As the protests spread across America, our sympathies and concerns go out to everyone whose feelings have been hurt by racism in any form or activity. Sahaja values, teachings, values and practitioners have always firmly opposed racism and, in fact, all such “isms” as being anti-spiritual.  And that is not merely a point of view […]

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The Joy Of Seclusion

Seclusion is a state of a person who is trying to be away from people and also who is always preferring to be alone. Seclusion is an integral part of everyone’s life because everyone in life at some point prefers to be alone or away from people. Major doubt everyone has in their mind is how come a person be happy or joyful when he is alone or away from people. But considering the fact of being alone a person can be on its own and can 2 strings without any interruption. Seclusion is also a joyful living in a life where you could do everything which you wish to do it and also it may be a happy note for you.

The Joy of seclusion is very much a considerable fact that everyone should know it because of the benefits in it. people who are alone or away from other peoples are very much secured enough and also they feel their self in doing every small thing. The time which you get when you go to a state of seclusion is more when we compare to a person who is connected with other people. Seclusion is also a beneficial part of everyone’s life to move forward in their own way and also taken away from their own decisions. To be honest the joy of seclusion cannot be measured at terms and also cannot be compared with the person to person because the mode of seclusion which they have will differ from person to person. The major factor that everyone considers seclusion is the happiness which they may get by being their own and also by considering the fact of living their life.

For example a scientist who is alone and away from people enjoys his own Joy of seclusion by doing his own work properly without any interruption from other people. Seclusion is also a process of being away from people and also being happy in what they are doing. People who are away from other peoples and also who are very much secure enough to stay alone other people who are having a lot of emotions of Love and other factors.Person to person at the first on the basis of enjoyment they prefer to get. But few persons who are very much in-depth of some work are inspiration they prefer to get happiness in being the state of illusion for doing their work instantly and also properly without any interaction.

Therefore when we discuss the joy of seclusion it is also a part of the joy that everyone would like to get in their life. People who are very much fond of being in a state of seclusion they always prefer to be happy and also a person who’s away from people prefer to be calm enough. Therefore when we are considering the fact of being in the state of seclusion people are always having more advantages when they stay away from people with their own emotions.


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Q. What is the difference between understanding and enlightenment?

A. Understanding without experience can be said to be imperfect understanding as a kind of knowledge. Enlightenment is perfect understanding through personal experience. We, for example, can understand how to swim by reading books on it and even explain it to others. However, understanding how to swim merely as knowledge is quite different from swimming in person in a pool.


In the same way, many people, with a lot of understanding about the Buddha and enlightenment, say that the Buddha is with them all the time, but few can really see Him in person. Regarding literal understanding as enlightenment is like thinking of the literal understanding of swimming manuals as being good enough to save us from drowning. Zen meditation is to help people to internalise their knowledge through personal experience, that is, help them to turn their knowledge into their experience.


©Boo Ahm


All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway


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Alleviating The Pain Of Loneliness

The loneliness which is a hurdle or a battle that everyone should face in their life. Everyone will be having a story to share about the loneliness to the respective persons they like. There are many examples where a college student is joining a newly who is away from his home for the first time. Even the person who is having a broken relationship and feeling lonely. Alleviating the pain of loneliness is very much important in everyone’s life to understand and also to get learned.

The lonely feeling is very much vulnerable to every person who is having a bad past in their life. Loneliness is a feeling that everyone should feel for a while and also have a future step towards it. Loneliness is a factor that helps you to make huge decisions on your own with correct intentions. Loneliness feeling that is killing us everyday also it is wasting our time instead of doing a productive way of it. Loneliness is also an art of being alone in your life to learn something. The main factor which you could do to overcome the loneliness is volunteering yourself to make something good people and also in helping them. Loneliness and isolation that can lead you to severe brain effect and memory loss. According to neuro-scientists, people who are very much in only and who are mentally affected can lead themselves into major danger.

Alleviating the pain of loneliness is just b you to be busy and also make you to be busy and also have a routine for it. Loneliness is also their pain that everyone feels in their life due to several reasons. Loneliness also feels that million people in the world is undergoing it and also the end up in their decisions. The suffering of loneliness is very common in our world but still overcoming it in a smart way is the intelligent people what they do.A deep feeling which every person has in their life is getting fear of being alone. People may come and go in your life and also some of them walk out but still facing that loneliness is the major important task that you have in your life.

Loneliness is the major problem which everyone has in their life and also some person will miss their special individual at some special moments and also due to that they may feel very much bad and also lonely. the main factor which you have to go to find the difference between feeling lonely and also being alone. there are many differences between these two options because that made lead you into a special feel of feeling it lonely. Everything in this world is temporary and also everything the world is vulnerable to. Everything in this world is very much changing featured which can change at any point making someone feel lonely. So make yourself happy by overcoming that loneliness in change your current situation according to the happiness and enjoyment. Therefore alleviating the pain of loneliness is the only way to overcome loneliness by making a productive way.


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Q. Should we call it honey cake or not?

A. One day a master cut a piece of honey cake into two before one of his students and asked him, “What should we call it? Should we call it honey cake or not?” The student said, “We can’t help but call it honey cake.” The master didn’t approve him.

Student: “What would you have said in the student’s shoes?”

Master: “I would have said, ‘Why do you ask me your father’s name, Sir?’”



How could he know his father’s name whilst not recognising his father?


©Boo Ahm

All writing ©Boo Ahm. All images ©Simon Hathaway

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5 Ways Meditation Makes Us Better at Yoga

Meditation. Yoga. The two go together like Batman & Robin (though with less capes… usually).

As spiritual health practices that have both found popularity in the West over the past 50 years, we tend to lump yoga and meditation together. Whenever we read of one, the other usually isn’t far behind. And when we’re shopping for yoga pants it’s no surprise to see a meditation mala in the vicinity.

Yet despite the obvious correlation between yoga and meditation, there are still countless people who do one or the other and not both.

Big mistake. 

Yoga makes you better at meditation because it creates a relaxed body that is conducive to a relaxed mind. Not to mention, it also makes it far easier to get into lotus position without feeling like your legs are going to snap in two.  And meditation makes us better at yoga in five key ways. Let’s take a look.

How meditation makes us better at yoga

1. Meditation helps us focus on asanas

When we’re practicing yoga, we are, of course, exercising the body. But we ought to be exercising the mind at the same time.

Every time we place the body in an asana (pose), we should be focusing on that pose. By focusing the mind on the body while in a pose, we experience the asana in full. Yoga asanas offer many mental health benefits, but in order to glean those benefits, we have to actually focus on what we are doing. 

Sadly, many people don’t leave their thoughts and distractions at the yoga studio door. And so they are not able to focus on the yoga.  

Meditation is well known to improve focus and concentration. And because of this, it makes it easier to focus the mind on the body when we enter a yoga pose. The result is complete mind-body immersion in the asana.

2. Meditation lowers oxygen consumption

One of the lesser-known benefits of meditation is that it changes the way the body uses oxygen.

Scientific research shows that meditation lowers oxygen consumption rate by 10%. This means that we are more able to control the breath during and after meditation. This is a game-changer for anyone who gets short of breath when practicing yoga. If that’s you, try meditating before doing yoga, and during your yoga session, take a few moments here and there to practice mindful breathing. This will help regulate the breath.

Not only does this help us practice yoga for longer, it also gives us more control of pranayama. 

3. Meditation helps you to discover the philosophical aspects of yoga

While most yoga studios these days are more concerned with physical exercise than philosophy, historically yoga has been about both.

If you want to truly embrace the yogic lifestyle, you have to get in touch with the philosophical side. Meditation can help.

The yogic system itself includes many meditations, such as Trataka (Still Gazing), chakra meditations, mantras, and sound meditations (Nada Yoga). Not only do these meditation techniques help train the mind, they also prepare the mind-body for more advanced stages of yoga. After all, it’s hard to truly experience Pungu Mayurasana  (Wounded Peacock Posture) while you’re worrying about that business meeting.

4. Get too sweaty doing hot yoga? Meditation will help

Anyone who practices Bikram (hot yoga) knows what it’s like to sweat a little too much. But meditation can change that.

We get sweaty when our body temperature rises. But meditation reduces heart rate and blood pressure, and this cools down the body and thereby reduces sweating.

So if you’re worried you might be a little hot, sweaty and, yes, smelly when you’re doing hot yoga, try meditating.

5. Meditation improves balance 

Feel a little wobbly in Warrior III? Meditation will change that, at least according to one scientific study. 

Ying Kee, PhD, and his colleagues at the Nanyang Technological University’s National Institute of Education took 32 men and split them into two groups. Kee made both groups stand on one leg while holding a basin of water.   While they were doing this, Kee asked one group to be mindful of their hands, while the other group were allowed to think of anything they liked. Kee then tested the balance of members of both groups.

The results showed that being mindful of the body increases balance, where thinking about something other than what we’re doing will actually lower our balance.

So, if you want to stay in an asana for longer, be mindful of your body while you’re in the pose.

Anyone who is serious about getting better at yoga should embrace both the physical and the mental exercises. And of the latter, meditation is the most important.

By practicing meditation not only do we embrace more of the yogic lifestyle, we also prepare the mind for success in the yoga studio.

The benefits of meditation are significant, and they are invaluable when it comes to improving our yoga practice.

If you’ve been doing the physical side of yoga without practicing meditation, perhaps it’s time for that to change.


Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Paul Harrison, a meditation teacher based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He has 20 years of experience and has spent more than 2,000 hours meditating. He also works as a freelance journalist.

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LIVE Meditation 25: Spring clean your Mind

There are often so many stories floating around in our minds and making meditation difficult… In this session Peter explains steps to declutter the mind, giving more space to Being present. Through presence right action arises in a clearer way and ‘doing’ gets an enlivened quality. Join Peter and step into the present.

We run LIVE meditations on Instagram with the intention to support a loving connection of each person towards themselves and others. 

You are very welcome to share, meditate and join the tribe by following @the.drunken.monk on Instagram. Currently we stream regularly every Thursday at 6pm (CET).

And if you enjoy our sessions, you can find Peters free full lenght meditations on

Our warmest thanks to Filippo from and village Quarna Sopra, our current beautiful home, for allowing us to use their charming space. And special thanks to Carlo Quaretta for making this all happen! 𝑮𝒓𝒂𝒛𝒊𝒆 𝒅𝒊 𝒄𝒖𝒐𝒓𝒆, 𝑹𝒂𝒈𝒂𝒛𝒛𝒊!❤️

Much love, take care! Peter & Veronika

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We Need To Realise Selflessness

Basically selflessness is very important in everyone’s life for their fulfilment and happiness. Selflessness is the main objective which you need in life that can uplift you. Selflessness is considering others’ needs more than our needs. Selflessness is also a devotion to mankind and kindness. the one who is having the system to release selflessness will achieve liberation. This may bring a condition of no other cause can be brought about liberation.People who are focusing on others also senselessness persons and also they are blessed with a happy life.The main objective of all selflessness people is having a huge amount of love to express to others.

People in the current generation are in the urge of realizing selflessness to make a happy life for them.Selflessness is a very much important factor which helps you in marriage and also in friendship and relationship. Considering the point of time that is precious everyone is running behind their valuable things. Everyone should know that precious thing in the world is time and a selfless people is always ready to give out time for others. People are very much carrying and also they consider in helping out others.

Selflessness factors that people are more generous and also they are caring and kind for the people who they like to help out.They also put others’desires in their own need and they show more interest in helping others. On the other hand, the most important factor of selflessness gives respect to other people than there own self-respect. People are very much encouraged to be happy and independent. But still,a lot of people are very much selfish in their own life. And also there are people who are very much selfless to help others and spend their own time for them.

Many people are very much trying to get success over others but still they have the ability to dominate others. The main factor that every people in this world which expects is to order others to do their work. But considering the fact of selflessness people who are very much selfless are managed to do their work and be kind to others without ordering. Selflessness factor which extends our love towards someone and also increases the fulfilment of happiness in our life. Foreign example telling positive stories and also motivational stories are also a selfless work which we do to make others happy and also this last long.

God is a selfless person who always thinks of others to help and get happiness from them. Being selfless is very much a majority of our life and also it increases our happiness. The depression which you are carrying out for your life is decreased only by being a selfless person who is helping out others. A lot of people are very good at cheating others and also manipulating but that is not true love. Therefore we need to realize our selflessness in this current generation and make our life beautiful for the future.


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