10 Years Ago… How GodXP Started

10 years ago i was sitting in a hotel in South Korea, 18 years old, meditating about what direction God had for my future. The message I received from God was to create my own ministry organization and pursue that, whatever it looked like. I just wanted to help the needy and spread the gospel. 

Why did I want this particular thing for myself? When I was 11 I went to Kenya, Africa on a missionary trip with a small team that provided aid and gospel education in particularly impoverished areas. Well, that’s what we did anyway. So why wouldn’t I want to do that for the rest of my life? It was like an Indiana Jones movie for an 11 year old in Kenya Africa for a month without his family.  

I got back from Korea and started playing music, but never lost sight of that goal. I felt like playing music was my best shot at developing leverage. 

After the band years I started really investigating other spiritual modalities beside Christianity. The ones I investigated were transcendental meditation, Sikhi, psychedelic plant medicine therapy, kundalini yoga and other holotropic breathwork technologies.

I also developed a tremendous thirst for knowledge about metaphysically related fields of study – psychology, quantum theory, of course thought vibration or the laws of attraction theory principles as taught by William Walker Atkinson. Along with philosophy and meaning of life studies that fuel my zeal for spiritual understanding.

These are things I’ve discovered for myself in the last 5 years – the previous 5 I was mostly interested in Christianity and transcendental meditation, but before I knew what it was. I was just doing it and meditating on God/Jesus. But it was working just like TM. When I found TM and later Kundalini yoga meditation, it was not a totally new experience. I was doing it in my bedroom for years prior with no knowledge of any existing meditation technologies. 

So I started a podcast. called Godxp. I wanted to talk about everything I was learning and have guests on who were also pursuing knowledge on spiritually enlightening subjects, for people out there who are also on a path of spiritual enlightenment. And it went well for a while. I’ve since taken down most of the episodes and reformatted the podcast series as a ‘best of’ kind of thing. If I wouldn’t have stopped doing episodes I probably would’ve left them up, but since it’s been so long the original episodes seemed no longer relevant and i’ve learned so much since then. Anyway enough about the podcast. The podcast was just supposed to be the start. What I’ve always set out to do is grow a community of people who are looking for no BS tools to help them in their spiritual enlightenment. We stopped doing the podcast, but the spirit still lives on. There’s always been questions about if GodXP is coming back.

We created a clothing line that represents our vision quite well. I’m also publishing a depression recovery handbook that will be the first educational product that GodXP offers on the site. In 2020, our goal is to continue to grow community and create spiritual education and personal development products for you to utilize in your life. And we’re going to do so by bringing awesome world changing people together and collaborating on lectures and interviews and other educating formats and offer them on the site store as well.

That’s the core of our organizational focus – curating the best spiritual development tools and making them digestible and accessible for you. That’s always going to be what we work on foremost. That’s our way of spreading the light in the world. We’ll continue to adapt and develop as long as we live. 

Anthony Polanco (@Antpstyle)
GodXP (@wearegodxp)

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