Fueling a culture of spiritual devotion since 2016

GodXP is a spiritual media company that began as an ecommerce store and podcast in 2016. Over the years, it has expanded to produce a variety of content, including numerous podcasts, clothing, books, online courses, and social media content. Additionally, GodXP offers digital marketing support services to spiritual organizations. The company’s mission is to fuel a culture of spiritual fitness, emphasizing self-mastery and self-discovery through timeless spiritual teachings.

Apart from its media and content creation, GodXP operates the GodXP Enlightenment Academy, which serves as a resource for self-realization and personal development. This includes an online spiritual education library, podcasts, and online community, among other offerings. The company’s founder, Anthony Polanco, is a multifaceted individual involved in various professional and creative endeavors. He is a live-looping music artist, host of the GodXP Spiritual Fitness Podcast, digital marketing coach, certified spiritual coach, competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete, and has certifications in several forms of yoga and meditation.

The company has been active in promoting a culture of spiritual devotion since its inception and offers services like spiritual art prints alongside its free Spiritual Fitness Newsletter and podcast episodes.

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